Cal Rei 3D Spacer Travel Boots

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These travel boots are constructed of 3D fabric which give excellent comfort and reduced perspiration during transport. Thanks to the open structure of the fabric the legs are ventilated and avoid an accumulation of moisture and / or sweat.

These are perfect for sensitive horses or horses with skin conditions.

The 3D fabric has been increased in thickness by 12mm to ensure strength and protection during travel. The boots are flexible, light and provide continuous ventilation.

Set of 4, Large (Black), Medium (Navy)

Usually in stock, if on backorder at point of order these boots will take 4-6 weeks to ship.


Cal Rei 3D Spacer Travel Boots

Cal Rei 3D Spacer Travel Boots are sold as a set of 4 in 2 sizes;

  • Large/ Full size (Black) or
  • Medium/ Cob Size (Navy Blue)

3D Spacer®​ Fabric Technology

3D Spacer® is the result of the study and research of fabric with high technical differentiation for multifunctional applications.

Applied to products for horse riding, there can be no doubt that they are the greatest guarantee for comfort, hygiene, breathing, cushioning.

The fabric is made up by millions of polyester fibres that interweave the upper and lower layers, acting as an air cavity with a thermo regulating effect. This interweaving of individual horizontal and vertical fibres makes this fabric unique, creating an open and elastic structure, ensuring perfect support and correct maintenance of the shape. These microfilaments adapt to the body perfectly.

Why 3D Spacer®

The 3D Spacer® provides, amongst others, the following unique advantages essential for the well-being of the horse;

  • Excellent air and humidity regulation, providing a dry and healthy environment.
  • Prevents sweating and provides a feeling of comfort and freshness.
  • Distributes pressure, evenly spreads weight, prevents the rebound effect and provides maximum comfort.
  • No need to use cleaners, simply submerge the fabric in water and drying is fast due to the open structure.


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Medium (Navy), Large (Black)

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    brilliant service and product.

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