VIP Saddlepad – FAQs

A Very Important Pad – the VIP

Don’t you just love it when things do what they say on the tin? We certainly do, and it’s one of the many reasons why we love the VIP pad. Yes, that’s right, the Very Important Pad.

I know we shouldn’t have favourites, but we have loved this product ever since we were introduced to it by our Equine Body Worker and tried it on all the horses in our eventing yard – with great results! What makes it so special is the gel used inside the pad. It’s totally unique; it can’t bottom out, can’t stick to horses’ hair or skin (yep, we’ve all been there in the past!) and provides fantastic shock absorption.

A little ‘FYI’ for you – it was originally designed for wheelchair users to prevent pressure sores.

Want to know more? We’ve put together some FAQs so that, in true VIP style, you can put your feet up and find the answers to all your questions in one handy place.

Oh, but before we do, how about a little ‘Stars in your Eyes’ moment? Two top riders who use the VIP are Eventer Sam Griffiths and Dressage rider Roland Tong! Sam loves the ‘second skin’ like feel and says he hardly notices when his horse is wearing it. And, like many of us, Roland says he wants a saddle pad that will protect his horse’s back but not alter the saddle fit, and that the VIP does just the job. Top marks all round then! 

1. Does the VIP go bobbles up or bobbles down?

Always bobbles down; so squishy side next to the horse, flat side next to the saddle.

2. Do you put the VIP next to the skin or on top of a saddlecloth?

Either. Try both as some horses like one way, some another.

3. Will the VIP pluck hair out if it is next to the skin?

No, its non-sticky and the bobbles warm up so that the pad moves with your horse rather than against it.

4. Will my horse go like Valegro with the VIP?

Hmm, well we have had this report from one customer… but no, sorry, we can’t guarantee it (as much as we’d like to!)

We do love this review from Comfy Horse customer, Linda, though. “Well… four of us bought these from our yard, mixed ages, abilities and horse use. All of us LOVE these pads! They stop the saddle slipping or moving forward when jumping! They have been tested in spooks and stay solid! No loss of stirrups or unseating!”

5. Why can’t I feel a difference with the VIP, but my friend can?

Every horse is different and every set up is different. Just because you cannot feel an instant difference, it doesn’t mean your horse is not more comfy.

6. Should the VIP make a difference?

The VIP was designed for long term comfort so you may feel a difference later down the line, or your Physio may. There are such good reports on the pad that people expect this, but it’s not always the case!

7. Do you offer a discount code on the VIP?

Very rarely, as the VIP is in such high demand, but occasionally we might, All the best deals are on the Comfy Club Facebook group, or when you join The Comfy Club from our website so make sure you pop on over and say ‘hi’.

8. Do you have any demo pads?

Yes, usually for large yards with multiple horses. You pay a refundable deposit and the postage both ways, which is not refundable.

9. How much is postage on the VIP?

£4.50 in the UK, £19.50 to Europe and £29.50 to the rest of the world.

10. Do you offer a money back guarantee on the VIP?

Oh yes! We offer a full Comfy Horse 30 day money back guarantee, so you can return the VIP within the 30 days for a refund, even if used.

So there you have it – we told you it was very important! We hope you found that useful, but if you have any other questions or queries on the VIP, or any other Comfy Horse products, please email us on

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