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I know we shouldn’t have favourites, but we have loved this product ever since we were introduced to it by our Equine Body Worker and tried it on all the horses in our eventing yard with great results!

The gel used in the pad is unique, cannot bottom out, cannot stick to horses hair or skin and provides fantastic shock absorption. It was originally designed for wheelchair users to prevent pressure sores, and is now redesigned to help horses and rider comfort.

We are so confident that you and your horses will love the VIP that we offer a 100% 30 day money back guarantee. We also have demo VIPs available if there are multiple yard users who wish to try for themselves, please email us on for further details.

Ideal for all disciplines, can be used in dressage, showjumping and cross country – improving performance as well as ensuring your horse has maximum comfort throughout the back.

Key points;

  • The VIP is a superior impact and pressure relieving pad for horses
  • Made from Akton® visco elastic polymer gel
  • This raw material has had 45 years of human grade research
  • Relieves impact, pressure, sheer forces and friction
  • Seamless and slim line design does not alter saddle fit
  • Akton® is flexible yet has a high tensile strength to maintain its shape
  • Does not leak, flow, absorb sweat, bottom out or spread under pressure
  • Hypoallergenic and easy to clean
  • Also available in Pony and Medium sizes

The VIP can be used either directly on your horses back, or underneath the saddle on top of the saddle pad or numnah. Always use the VIP bobble side down for maximum benefit.

All 3 colours are usually held in stock for immediate delivery!



The Very Important Pad –The VIP Saddle Pad

Available in Black, Gold and Blue.

We use Akton® Polymer as the raw material for the VIP. This renowned viscoelastic polymer has been rigorously tested worldwide over the past 40 years. The material is trusted in human clinical and sporting settings. It has superior pressure relieving, impact and sheer force reducing qualities. Independent research has proved its unique qualities.

Moulding to your horses back like a low profile second skin, the VIP is very soft and flexible to the touch. The durable honeycomb structure of Akton gel guarantees huge tensile strength allowing the pad to always maintain its shape under extreme and prolonged compression. So unlike foam and softer gel pads, the VIP can deflect an applied load without bottoming out.

Our bobble design and thin film gullet, spreads direct forces over a wider surface area. This alleviates pressure points and evenly distributes weight. The thinness (8mm) of the pad does not compromise the optimum close contact feel.

The pad has no air holes which can fill with sweat and hair, so there is reduced friction. Akton gel is hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth.

The VIP can be used either directly on your horses back, or underneath the saddle on top of the saddle pad or numnah. Always use the VIP bobble side down for maximum benefit.

Quotes and testimonials:

Sam Griffiths, Australian International Event Rider: “With its excellent ‘second skin’ like feel and use of proven materials, the VIP pad has become a super additional piece of kit to use on a wide range of my horses for all the disciplines of three day eventing. I hardly notice when the horse is wearing it. The all important close contact connection I have between my saddle and the horse is not compromised in any way. The VIP is an exciting and innovative product with its success being a reflection of the extensive research and attention to detail that has gone into creating it. “

Roland Tong, Irish International Dressage Rider: ” I ride in beautiful saddles that are fitted correctly.  I was impressed that finally there was a saddle pad with research to prove the issues of impact and pressure.  I want a saddle pad that will help to protect my horse’s back but does not alter saddle fit. The VIP does this and more”

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

Gold, Black, Blue, Coffee Brown, Warm White

86 reviews for VIP Saddle Pad

  1. Anonymous

  2. Linda Bell

    Well….. 4 of us bought these from our yard, mixed ages, abilities and horse use. All of us LOVE these pads! They stop saddle slipping or moving forward when jumping! They have been tested in spooks and stay solid! No loss of stirrups or unseating! We had 30 day money back guarantee but will definately be keeping them! Wish we’d bought Them years ago!! Thank you so much! X😷👍

  3. Quita

  4. Jan Woolgar

    Very helpful and fast replies to emails

  5. Anthea W.

    Arrived as promised, works superbly

  6. Amanda G.

    Very happy with this and so are my horses. A great alternative to sheepskin.

  7. Toni

    Fantastic pad and very fast delivery

  8. Andrea O Brien

    Very happy with the service and very happy with the back pad 🙂

  9. Abigail M.

    Very pleased with this pad, it really is like a second skin. I could feel the difference in comfort as the rider. Not at all sticky.

  10. Anonymous

    Lovely people to deal with. Love the product.

  11. kym jones

  12. Anonymous

    believe both rider and horse more comfortable

  13. Penny

    My horse loves it and seems to be striding our more.

  14. Katherine L.

  15. susanna

    Super in every way

  16. Vanessa Newman

    Very nice pad which makes a real difference for my horse, removing the pressure from his withers, trapezius and muscles along his spine.

    The packaging instructions do not make it obvious exactly how to position it, so I had to research a bit! It is applied bobbly side down and can be laid directly on the horses back under the numnah / saddle pad. However my thoroughbred has a particularly silky coat, so it tends to slip to the rear or sideways when against his back. So now I’ve moved it to sit between my numnah and saddle, and it stays in place while offering the same protection and comfort. Highly recommended, as well as the excellent service offered by the Comfy Horse Co.

  17. Deanna

    Lovely product, feel it has already made a difference to my horse! Super speedy delivery from Comfy Horse Co too. Would definitely recommend.

  18. Katie

    Great speedy service, product arrived in a nice little bag too. Wouldn’t say the pad has made any major difference in either of my horses’ way of going, but I feel alot happier knowing they’ve got a very good shock absorbing layer on their backs, so any little hiccups, their backs are well protected.

  19. tracy edwards

    I love this pad, in fact thinking of purchasing a second ..

  20. BARRY

    I am really pleased with the vip saddle pad. My horse seemed really happy when I rode him . Ive used it twice now and all good

  21. Jaime Peachey

    Very happy! Only used a handful of times so far but saw a difference immediately in my horse

  22. Karan Tett

  23. Alexandra Nolan

    I LOVE it, wish I had done it sooner

  24. Darren

    Great product and great service, thank you

  25. Wendy Davies

    Very good service, fast delivery, very impressed with my VIP Pad 😁👍

  26. Michelle E Hulme

    Great item & fast delivery

  27. Jane Leeming

    Fast delivery and
    excellent product. Thank you

  28. Joanna Cockerham

    Whilst the initial price seems alot for what it is, I cannot recommend this product enough. I currently have a TB fresh off the track who is obviously changing shape as his schooling starts. This product was suggested to me as he was getting sensitive where his saddle is. Now I can put pressure on the saddle area straight after riding and there is no flinching. There is now not a movement when saddling up or any soreness. The bag that comes with it is also very handy for storing. Great product

  29. Martine

    Really didn’t think this pad would make any difference but now I wouldn’t ride without it. Has to be tried to believe.

  30. Elizabeth

    super fast delivery product has described. Super product highly recommend

  31. Yvette Wheeler

  32. Heather O.

    Still in the trial phase with the saddle pad, though what I am seeing are positive changes in my horse. The only thing I worry about is the strip over the spine eventually tearing or separating, but only time will tell how well it holds up.

  33. Anonymous

  34. Mark Davison

    I have bought 2…one for my 7 year old TBx middleweight hunter and the other for my RoR show horse. Both improved instantly in the way they moved and felt when under saddle. I would recommend to everyone.

  35. Joanne

  36. Mrs Sarah Lee

    Great product. Helps both my horses would recommend.

  37. Sue Eaton

    Seems very comfortable for both of us !

  38. Alison Wilkie

  39. Anonymous

    Product unfortunately had no effect on my horse but the service was spot on

  40. lisa holden

    As described fast efficient service

  41. Sheila linder Gellings riding scho

    Horse loves it

  42. Linda Diamond

    Love the pad so comfy for horse as well as myself. Highly recommend

  43. tracy mcgarry

    Not sure how much difference it is making

  44. Anonymous

    I bought this for my horse with kissing spines but it made no difference. However my other horse loves it!

  45. Dawn J.

    Excellent product, really quick delivery and fabulous communication. Can’t ask for anything more

  46. Jenny

    What can I say ? Only that if you are thinking about getting a VIP saddlepad don’t delay any longer , it has made an enormous difference to my daughter’s horse. He is so much more relaxed, no more back going up on mounting, no more scooting off after a fence and his paces are amazing. Well worth the money, prompt delivery too

  47. Kim A.

    I bought this pad for my mare to protect her back for the future. She has no problems as the present time and I dont want her to get stiff or sore so I felt this was the best pad for her and I feel she is more over the back now and takes sitting trot really well. I recommend this pad to others.

  48. Nia

    Wonderful service – always reply to emails quickly and I was always kept updated. VIP is great too

  49. elizabeth osborne

    very squisy, lovely

  50. Traci Lawerence

    Fantastic service kept informed as order was delayed due to covid super quality horse and rider very happy would certainly buy from here again

  51. Prue Dunsford

    Great communication, lovely people very easy to deal with. Thankyou

  52. Suzanne M.

    Trialling pad against my horses back -to immediate effect! She stands still now quietly-has always been a little cold backed even though regularly fitted for her saddles. Seems to be moving better with the pad so she will stay in it. However, it does get a bit warm under the pad after 1/2hr riding and will need to monitor this and Check if there is an effect on her way of going. There certainly doesn’t seem to be at the moment. Might have to try placing atop my saddle pad for longer rides if she gets too warm across her back but very happy to see it doesn’t move or catch her coat. The central strip across her spine doesn’t appear to rub but we have the option of placing it over the saddle pad if there is any sensitivity.

  53. Victoria W.

    I really liked the product and the idea behind it, unfortunately it didn’t seem to suit my pony. The shape just didn’t seem right and it bunched up in the middle when using a high wither le mieux saddle pad. Also seemed to make my saddle sit a bit oddly. However the customer service from comfy horse was second to none. I received my refund very quickly and Laura was very helpful.

  54. Rebecca A.

    Excellent product & service. Arrived quickly, thank you! Would definitely shop with you again.

  55. sue l.

    Excellent thank you

  56. Mrs V S Harvey

    Brilliant pad, but very expensive.

  57. Carol Barnes


    This gel pad is the best one I have come across and I have tried many of the leading brands. My veteran horse is very sensitive and this pad has given him the relief he needed under the saddle. It does not affect the saddle fit and it doesn’t grip to the horse or the saddle. Last time we had the physio out there was nothing to feel over the horses back after just 10 days use. Will be buying another one of these for the other horses. Can’t express how much of a difference it has made to my veteran horse.

  59. Holly Smith

    I’m in love with my VIP pad! I brought it for my gelding, who has a sensitive back. You could always feel him a little tight on his back when you first got on (after about 10 minutes he’d relax) I decided to give the VIP pad a go. It’s made a huge difference! He’s relaxed as soon as I get in the saddle, no tightness at all. Plus it fits perfect under his saddle and doesn’t alter the fit at all! I don’t have to worry about hurting his back if we have any unexpected spooky moments either. I now won’t ride without my VIP pad.

  60. Stephanie Cunningham

  61. Miss Jess Dine

  62. Sarah

    Brilliant service, can’t fault it

  63. Helen

    My horse seems to be comfortable with this pad, however it does slip backwards so I am having to use it between the numnah and saddle with some anti-slip rug matting under the saddle to hold it in place.

  64. Jayne

    I had never used this company before, so glad I did, easy to use website, delivery of goods was fast!
    I will definitely use them again.

  65. Joanne Tooze

    Early days (2 weeks of use riding 4-5 times a week) but she seems a bit less girthy and is going better than ever

  66. sophie s.

    My horse couldn’t be happier! Great product which I am using straight on my horses back. It is keeping the saddle from slipping forward which was the reason for buying the VIP and how easy it is to clean is just a bonus!

  67. Lisa

    Excellent service and received within two days

  68. Sue

    My sensitive mare loves her VIP and feels much more relaxed over her back since we’ve been using it

  69. Pauline Hislop

    Very pleased with VIP would like to but tapestry dressage girth

  70. Maja

    Lovely team and great customer service!

  71. Anonymous

  72. Felicity Mann

  73. Elaine

    My mare has some bony changes in her back and this pad has so far made her stay relaxed when I do sitting trot, fingers crossed.

  74. Amanda

    I was sceptical if the pad would make much difference to our tense horse but I am pleasantly surprised that he feels more like a horse and less like a lump of wood to ride. I tried the pad under the numnah and over – had results both ways but was a much more drastic improvement directly on his skin. I feel like I’m sat in my horse now rather then perched on top.

  75. emma w.

    Really good pad, bought it to replace my Mattes pad and it provides great protection to my mares back. Really great service as well

  76. Lorraine Holmes

    I have two saddles one a 16 1/2 dressage and 17 inch jump and I was worried that the pad would be too large and have a large overhang at the back of the saddles. But the pad fits good with both. I would however like to see a deeper length at the front at either side. As I use the pad on top of my numnah and therefore in ensuring there is good wither clearance, I do think my horse don’t gets the full benefit as some of the pad is not in contact with the horse. Would this stop be recommending this product, the answer would be no, but would just like a slight improvement.

  77. Olivia

    Great service, quick delivery of a fantastic product – highly recommend!

  78. Susan M.

    Not only do I have a happy horse my long term lower back problem has improved dramatically with this pad also. Surprised and pleased.

  79. Anonymous


  80. Caroline Ozanne

    My horse is moving also much less pain in my back.

  81. anita

    This is the most brilliant pad!
    Very happy horse and very happy rider! Such a difference to my previous half pad- the VIP pad is like sitting on air, horse relaxed and the pad doesn’t move at all – my previous half pad tended to move back.
    Excellent service from the Comfy Horse Company, very well wrapped and arrived the next day.
    Thoroughly recommend

  82. Ms Jacqueline Murphy ,

    Great service and love the VIP pad and so does my pony! I have a Solution treeless saddle and just wanted something in between the saddle and saddlecloth. The VIP is perfect as it’s so thin and doesn’t alter the fit of the saddle at all. Pony seems happy and is going really well. Happy pony and happy customer 😊

  83. Samara

    I was a bit sceptical about these pads but my horse used to tense her back and sometimes bunnyhop when I first got on and she hasn’t done it since using this! Such peace of mind for a horse with KS and great service from Comfy horse.

  84. Sally O.

    Absolutely love it! Such a good buy. Find it really comfy and I’m sure my horse appreciates it too.

  85. Donna F Doyle

    Really happy with this pad.

  86. Holly Boag

    I have now had two of these. Utterly obsessed!!!

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