Kerrits Riding Tights product reviews

Jess Bright

Jess tries out a pair of our winter riding tights from the Kerrits’ collection…

Jess tried and tested the Fleece Performance Tights.
The material is soft and really stretchy, but thicker than usual leggings with more weight to them. Surprisingly, they did not show up as many lumps and bumps as I had feared. The first layer of fleece lined fabric was soft and quite sculpting, although they are still not overly flattering for someone of my size. The mid-rise waist also adds to the comfort of these tights and helps make them look more flattering.

Riding wise, they might just be the most comfortable garment I have ever had the pleasure of riding in. Although a heavier material than your usual leggings, they are still lightweight and give you more freedom of movement than breeches. They are actually quite supportive and grippy in the saddle – the knee patch really helps with this – and not once did I feel like I was sliding around. They were perfect for riding in the freezing weather and I didn’t feel the cold at any point!

They wash really well and come out looking and feeling brand new. The colour and pattern do not fade and the fleece is still as soft.
I highly recommend these to anyone looking for warm winter wear. They are perfect on their own or under a pair of jeans.

“The most comfortable garment I have ever had the pleasure of riding in”

“Supportive and grippy in the saddle”

“Perfect for riding in the freezing weather”

Ally Kelly

Ally receives her riding tights just in time for the hot weather and puts them to the test at the yard, out shopping and even at spin class!
Ally tried and tested the Power Sculpt Riding Tights.

My first reaction was an excited one; riding tights and leggings are so in right now – jodhpurs and breeches can step aside!
These little beauties are designed to be high waisted, which I’m not normally a fan of I’ll be honest, but these stayed put the whole time I was mucking out, riding and poo picking.

I even wore these to my spin class and didn’t look at all out of place – someone even asked me where I got them from; imagine their face when I told them they’re for horse riding! They’re comfortable to lounge around the house in, nip to the yard and go to the gym all on the same day. Not many leggings or tights you can do that with – certainly not jodhpurs!

And did I forget to mention the phone pocket? It actually keeps the phone inside! It’s happened before where I’ve been schooling and my phone’s come flying out of my riding tight/ leggings’ pocket – not cool getting off and on again!
They retail at £69.00, which is a pretty good price for a summer wardrobe staple; something you’re going to wear again and again.

“Jodhpurs and breeches can step aside!”

“Comfortable to lounge around the house in”

“A summer wardrobe staple”

Elise Blair

Elise gets to grips with all the technical features of the tights as she puts them to the ultimate test on one of the hottest days of the year…

Elise tried and tested the Kerrits Ice Fil Tech Tights.
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“Great grip without feeling stuck”

“You can ride with your phone in your pocket without it digging in”

“They can reduce your skin temperature by up to 5 degrees!”

Kirsty Pearce

Blogger Kirsty gets that figure-hugging feeling when she finally gets to try out a product for herself rather than her mare, Lizzy!
Kirsty tried and tested the Kerrits Microcord Breeches.
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“Feel as though they are hugging your legs”

“Comfortable, supportive and flattering at all times”

“A great fabric that seems to repel hay and straw from sticking”

Oonagh O’Brien

Product reviewer Oonagh describes the tights as a ‘second skin’ and does have to remind herself that she is still wearing them from time to time!

Oonagh tried and tested the Flow Rise Performance Tights.
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“The clever contoured lines of the tights offer superior comfort when riding”

“I’m convinced these riding tights made me appear slimmer than I actually am”

“The fabric is really warm and cosy”