MDC Stirrups Product Reviews

Jess Bright

It’s a thumbs up from Jess as she hits the cross country course in her new stirrups…

The stirrups are absolutely stunning to look at. They are lightweight with a wide, aluminium tread, an adjustable top that can be fixed at 90° and 45° angles and multi pivotal springs on the sides. Although in love, I was a little confused by them, especially after years of having fixed tops and rubber, slot in treads!

As soon as I put my feet in the stirrups, I understood the twisty tops. I found myself walking round spinning them like a fidget spinner for a good 10 minutes before deciding on the best fit. 20 minutes after this, I found out why the wide, metal tread was a good safety feature when asking my young horse to swift and promptly receiving the world’s best rodeo impression! They are very quick and easy to get back!

A few years back I had a grade III sprain to my left ankle. As a result, I lost a lot of the stability on my left side when riding, so I rode shorter to try and balance, and found it difficult to jump, plummeting my confidence. With these stirrups I have a lot more stability on my left side and would not hesitate to recommend them.

“Absolutely stunning to look at”

“Very quick and easy to get back”

“Lightweight with a wide, aluminium tread”

Laura Warburton

Laura tried and tested the stirrups ready for their step up into Elementary dressage…

The stirrup design allows all riders to put their stirrup in the exact position for correct riding and I absolutely love the treads! They are ultra-low profile, high-traction aluminum treads designed to both support and easily release in the event of a fall. Luckily I did not test how good they are in a fall! Phew!

The treads do not cut your boots or rub your saddle leather. Trust me, I tried them on both a jump saddle and my dressage saddle!

Although the stirrups look heavy, they’re not. I found them to be super lightweight and not at all chunky under my foot. They are very comfortable, easy to adjust to angles of 45º and 90º and would work well with all levels of rider.

The MDC stirrups are also designed to improve your ability to regain a lost stirrup. As we are just starting to compete at Elementary, and the pair of us can be wobbly in some moves, this has happened on many occasions!

These stirrups are 100% worth the money and I would highly recommend them to everyone.

“The stirrup design allows all riders to put their stirrup in the exact position for correct riding”

“Super lightweight and not at all chunky under my foot”

“Designed to improve your ability to regain a lost stirrup”

Elise Blair

These stirrups have been on Elise’s list for a while now, so let’s see what she thought when she finally got her hands on a pair…

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“Made with some very clever mechanics to them”

“Sleek design – like traditional stirrups with a better concept”

“The different angles mean it’s easier to retrieve your stirrups when lost”

Kirsty Pearce

Blogger Kirsty gives the stirrups a whirl for one month with her mare, Lizzy. When the time’s up, what’s the overall verdict of this everyday equestrian?

Read the full review on her blog

“I hadn’t realised how much of a difference a pair of stirrups could make to the comfort of riding”

“A classic look with modern safety features”

“Enough friction to keep it under the ball of my foot at all times”