These tools are perfect for sensitive horses and for comfy tidying of manes, tails and coats.

A holster containing the SoloComb, SoloRake and SoloBrush.

This simple, light distinctive, clip-on holster can sit in a grooming kit, then slip on to a waistband, belt or pocket, enabling the owner to work on the horse or pet without the need of bending to change tool or losing kit whilst working.

Purposely designed to carry the SoloGroom range and keep them together. It is the best way to check no one has borrowed equipment and is a perfect gift.

Only available with the pink border at this time.

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This Solokit contains the SoloBrush, SoloRake and SoloComb!

The SoloBrush –

  • Brush – The malleable bristles glide through hair and massage skin
  • Twist – Hair will drop from brush – no more picking hair out from in between bristles
  • Clean – Twist back again and begin brushing
  • Hygienic • adjustable • durable • easy to use •

The contoured handle with a Velcro strap stays firmly in your hand.

A groom and a massage in one!

The SoloRake –

A bushy, unkempt, pet coat, horse mane or tail can be transformed in minutes with no discomfort.

Give a well-tailored and professional finish in minutes.

They can even be used on anxious horses and pets.

The rake gives a natural stripped or pulled finish.

The SoloComb –

For Horses – Many horses and ponies hate having their manes pulled. SoloComb solves the problem, creating a tidy mane without discomfort or aggravation. It is an essential item for anyone who wants a tidy mane and tail.

Grooming can be carried out safely without risk of injury to the user or the animal. Quietly and safely clips and removes tangles, without distress to the animal, particularly around sensitive areas like the ears or eyes.

The SoloRake and SoloComb are available separately


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