Catago Memory Foam Girth

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The CATAGO FIR-tech girth is anatomically shaped and has a wide contact surface, so that it distributes the pressure evenly on the horse.

The girth is padded with memory foam, which forms well according to the horse’s anatomy.

The inside of the girth has the well-known FIR-tech fabric, which reflects the horse’s own body heat, increasing blood circulation and relieving tension. The girth has strong buckles and elastics in both sides.


Catago Memory Foam Dressage Girth

Catago Memory Foam girth features the innovative Fir-tech material to increase circulation and wellbeing for horses

Sizes – 35cm – 85cm in 10cm increments

Colour – Black

Material – Pottery, Polyester

What is FIR-tech?

FIR-tech is short for Far Infrared Rays Technology All CATAGO Fir-Tech healing products are lined with a multifunctional Far Infrared Polyester fabric. In the production process of the FIR-Tech fabric a special ceramic powder is added to the melting polyester, creating a fusion of the materials. The CATAGO FIR-Tech fabric contains 70% ceramic powder and releases Far Infrared energy radiation of approx. 9 micron wave.

How does FIR-tech work?

The body constantly releases energy and heat. When wearing the FIR-Tech fabric close to the skin the ceramic particles in the fabric work as “absorbers” of this heat and emit Far Infrared energy radiation back to the body. The Far Infrared wavelength cannot be perceived by the human eye, however the body experiences the energy as a gentle radiant heat which can penetrate 4-7cm beneath the skin. As a result of the absorption of water within the body tissue the vessels begin to expand and the blood circulation increases.

What are the benefits of FIR-Tech?

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduces muscle spasms and joints
  • Relief for sore muscles and joints
  • Increased oxygen level in the blood cells and oxygen flow to the muscles
  • Reduced inflammation in joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Promote supple muscles
  • Support warm up of the muscles

CATAGO care about the environment!

The FIR-Tech fabric is produced by recycled material and the fabric production is ISO 14001 certified.

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35cm, 45cm, 55cm, 65cm, 75cm, 85cm

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    This fits larger than expected. Otherwise looks great

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