27th July 2020|
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This week we’re talking all about… boots! A.A. Milne once said: “When you see someone putting on his Big Boots, you can be pretty sure that an Adventure is going to happen”.

While we might not be going on an adventure with Pooh Bear and Christopher Robin any time soon, many of us are booting up our horses for a much-needed hack, schooling session or maybe even a competition now the lockdown is easing.

We’re sure we’re not the only ones to have had trouble in the past with poorly fitting boots or boots that rub when the horse sweats. We’ve all been there; trying to velcro on what seems like bits of hard plastic while our horses give us a rather withering look from up above. We can’t blame them, it’s as though we’re doing more damage trying to protect them!

That’s why we love the Husk La Irenita boots. They are fully ventilated so that legs don’t overheat, but are also so flexible and lightweight your horse won’t know he’s wearing them!

HUSK Army green over reach boots

Quickfire Q&A

What boots are in the range?

HUSK La Irenita boot set Titan

HUSK La Irenita boot set Army

HUSK La Irenita sport boots II Army

HUSK La Irenita sport boots II Titan

Which disciplines are these boots suitable for?
Pretty much whatever you fancy! Polo, eventing, dressage, hacking, turnout, and even travel. 

Anything else I need to know?

The boots can be hosed or washed in a machine at 30 degrees and dry in up to 30 minutes after total submergence in water. Each boot weighs 120g.

Straight from the horse’s mouth

A couple of members of our Comfy Horse team – Sam and Amy – have both tried and tested the HUSK boots. Have a read of their verdicts here – https://www.comfyhorse.co.uk/product-reviews/husk-product-reviews/


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