Strada saddles are now available!
25th July 2022|
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Brand new Strada saddles made in Europe are now available from The Comfy Horse Company.

Horses will be grateful for a Strada saddle, because the tree is “horse” shaped, so distributes weight evenly, instead of causing pressure points. A tree that mirrors the horse’s shape makes a more comfy saddle for the horse.
The Strada Saddle’s unique design offers a seamless interface between horse and rider. Strada design and make the tree on which the saddle is built themselves. The importance of flexibility and fit cannot be overemphasised.
The weight, stirrup bar position and girth attachment is vital to comfort, freedom of movement and aid application.

We have an IC brown GP and S black dressage in stock but can also order in for you.

Strada GP saddle – The Comfy Horse Company

Strada Dressage saddle – The Comfy Horse Company

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