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Natural Equine products in stock now!

We are delighted that The Comfy Horse Company now stocks Natural Equine products, a range which is made from natural ingredients, with proven health benefits;

Cooling Sloshwash is designed for use in the summer. This is a refreshing NO RINSE bucket wash containing Grapefruit, Lavender, and Sweet Marjoram essential oils that rejuvenate and cool the skin, whilst refreshing and soothing your horse. Sloshwash removes sweat marks after exercise, stable stains and even grass stains without the need to rinse. A quick fix before a competition, or a “thank you” for a job well done! Equine Naturals Cooling Sloshwash









Aromawash is a gentle relaxing shampoo that deep cleans whilst relaxing and calming, so that even horses that aren’t too keen on a bath will succumb to this. The combination of lavender and tea tree oil in this highly concentrated shampoo give a truly deep shine to any horse’s coat. Aromawash is probably the one that horses would choose for themselves!

aromawash shampoo









Fly Off Fly Repellent

With BOG MYRTLE and 5 other essential oils including Cedarwood and Lemon Eucalyptus. Bog Myrtle is an old traditional remedy used by fisherman to repel midges, this combined with the other oils chosen for their fly repelling properties make Fly OFF an extremely powerful formula for all round fly control. Also includes soothing Aloe Vera and being water based it does not stain the coat.


fly repellent 500ml


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