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MDC stirrups – a few words on the design strategy!

“MDC Stirrups’™ patented design is forward facing allowing for a natural leg and foot position. This enhanced design provides two significant benefits to riders of all ages: more reliable retrieval and increased release during a fall for improved safety. The design of our high traction, ultra-low profile treads allows for greater support, increased comfort and higher traction, while not being overly aggressive. We do not make overly light stirrups for this reason: overly light stirrups may feel good when everything is going right, but they will tend to ‘fly away’ when lost compared to stirrups with a sufficient weight. Stirrups with some residual weight will hang true and be easier to retrieve. It is the nature of traditional stirrups to turn back to the horse when lost and as they flatten to the horse, often they are difficult or even unavailable for retrieval. As the stirrup flattens, they are more prone to catch a falling rider’s foot. There is no positive benefit to a stirrup whose natural position is flat against the horse’s side.”

MDC Sport ClassicFun with horseMDC S Classic on leather

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