Thinline Perfect Fit Pad
6th June 2022|
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Have you seen the Perfect Fit Pad?

have you seen the Perfect Fit Pad?

❓What makes the ThinLine Perfect Fit Pad so Perfect❓

The Perfect Fit Pad is designed with the famous ThinLine material which is 95% shock-absorbing! This combined with the Mesh band along the spine makes the pad more breathable and has a contoured spine channel.

❓Do you choose ThinLine+ or Ultra ThinLine?❓

What is Ultra ThinLine?

– Thinnest version of ThinLine material

– Designed to protect both horses and rider’s back!

– Perfect for Close Contact riders

– Reduces rider movements and doesn’t amplify the seat

What is Thinline+?

– Perfect in high impact situations

– Helps horses with sore backs.

– Endorsed by Veterinarians, even for kissing spine.

Thinline also helps with saddle security as it’s non-slip!

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