1st September 2020|
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If you’ve ever experienced a slippy saddle moment you’ll know you never want it to happen again! Short of looking like something out of a Thelwell sketch, it’s actually really disconcerting and stressful!

If you want to feel super secure in the saddle, then it makes sense to choose the number 1 saddle pad for cross-country, right? (Disclaimer: you don’t actually have to ride cross country to benefit from this pad!)

The Secure XC saddle pad from Ecogold is the choice of top international event riders Boyd Martin, Phillip Dutton, Doug and Jessica Payne, and many more, to keep their saddle completely secure when riding at speed in all sorts of weather conditions. It’s also very good for your horse’s back too (10/10 from Comfy Horse HQ then).

Ecogold describe themselves as an ‘equestrian textile engineering company’ who are on a mission to improve horses’ safety, comfort and performance. So let’s take a look at all the good stuff they’ve put into this pad…

  • 100% breathable high-density foam – this protects the horse’s back from impact without adding extra bulk
  • Quickly evaporates the moisture away – essential for keeping your horse cool and dry
  • Non-slip – as mentioned earlier! However non-slip also means there is no friction created between the pad and your horse’s skin
  • Hypoallergenic

It’s quite normal to assume a non-slip saddle pad will be fairly bulky and alter how your saddle sits, but this one has ultra-thin flaps to help keep you closer to your horse (in other words, no more Thelwell moments!)  It’s a bit of an unusual shape to look at, but is designed to provide the rider with better communication and a more stable riding position.


Oh, and just to reiterate on the comfiness, take a peek at the Ecogold website – there’s a very cute picture of a baby asleep on one. Ahh the days when you could take a nap anywhere you fancied!

The saddle pad is £130. Take a look at: https://www.comfyhorse.co.uk/product/ecogold-secure-xc-saddle-pad/

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