Sam Francis

Sam works on a event yard and has her own horse, Ozzy. She loves being part of the Comfy Horse Team because she’s passionate about finding the right products to keep herself and Ozzy comfortable in everything they do together.

From the age of around nine, Sam used to walk an hour every weekend to the other side of the river from where she lived to spend all day mucking out and brushing the horses, in return for a free ride at the end of the day!

This was the start of a lifelong love of horses and Sam has since spent the last 23 years working with them, from racing yards and professional riders’ yards, to the exciting event yard she’s currently on.



So what do Sam and Ozzy get up to when Sam’s not working? “We are enjoying our lessons at the moment and going out jumping a bit,” says Sam. “We intend to get out soon to do some Novice dressage and I don’t doubt we will do a few unaffiliated ODEs through the year.”


Sam says Ozzy is her “partner in crime and best friend.” “I’m not the sort of person to try products or anything just because”, she says.  “I always read into things and always read reviews; I’m very open minded and love learning.”

“I feel the right products for myself and Oz can not only save precious minutes but also keep us both comfortable to allow us to enjoy what we do, and I know that I’m doing my best for him.”

The VIP saddle pad is top of Sam’s Comfy Horse list because of the difference it made to her and Ozzy, and everyone she has let try it out.



Continue enjoying what you do together, Sam and Ozzy!