Nicky Sutcliffe

Nicky runs Sport Horse Select, a livery, training and competition yard. She regularly competes with her own horses and has also trained a number of really good young horses who have gone on to great careers with professional riders.

“I’ve been riding since I was four but loved horses well before then. My mum tells me that I was horse obsessed even as a toddler, and would blow each horse I saw a kiss as we drove by,” says Nicky.

Working with lots of different horses on a daily basis, it’s really important for Nicky that her horses are comfy. And this is why she’s a big fan of the Comfy Horse brand and our choice of products – particularly the travel boots.

“My favourite Comfy Horse product is easily the Cal Rei 3D Spacer Travel Boots. They are simply perfection! Everytime I use them, I feel lucky to own them.” These travel boots are constructed of 3D fabric, which gives excellent comfort and reduced perspiration during transport.”

“I like the Comfy Horse products because they are designed with the horse in mind. When you have horses that really love their job, it’s important to keep that enthusiasm. If they’re uncomfortable, they don’t put their heart and soul into their work. The best horses are happy, willing ones that try for you.”

It’s clear Nicky’s also happy when her horses are happy, as she’s always very smiley when she’s out showjumping!

“My best current horse is Cornelius, he’s owned by Anne Lumley but I’m lucky enough to have the ride. He’s a giant grey Warmblood who makes me look good even when competing in a field of professionals. He absolutely loves his job as a show jumper, especially when competing in a big grass arena at a big show and a lively crowd.”

So might Nicky’s main goal this year have something to do with jumping in front of a lovely big crowd?!

“Yes! My 2020 goal is to jump at the Great Yorkshire Show. I just missed out last year due to a minor injury just before but this year I’d love to go and jump in such a prestigious arena.”

We can’t wait to see you there Nicky!