Leah Adams

Leah first got involved with Comfy Horse when she became one of our best customers!

She has been around horses all her life and her love of riding started at her local riding club when she was 7 years old.

Her first pony was a Highland called Skye. This is quite apt as Leah lives in Scotland and is therefore used to the Great British weather whatever it has in store!

Leah currently owns 3 horses;

  • Charm is a 17 year old Arab cross cob who was Leah’s first showing pony. “She can be a grumpy madam and has some health issues but she secretly loves a cuddle” laughs Leah. Charm helped Leah regain her confidence and is now a lady of leisure.
  • Calypso is Leah’s current ridden horse whom she brought 4 years ago and was just backed. It has taken a long time for Leah to gain her trust, but she is doing really well with her jumping and flatwork. So this partnership is going from strength to strength. “She is very food orientated and gives hoof for sweeties!”
  • Weirdo is the field companion! “She is just like a giant Labrador and is probably the easiest of all my horses. She is fiercely independent. She is a rescue, from the World Horse Welfare and I got her nearly 5 years ago. She also has some party tricks and can bow and smile!” says Leah.

So, what is Leah’s favourite Comfy Horse product to date?

‘Oh that’s a hard one! They are all so fabby, my fav product is either my tapestry dressage girth or my collection of Ecogold saddle pads… 5 seems an odd number maybe I need more! Haha!’ says Leah.

“I’m extremely selective about what I use on my horses, as their comfort is my biggest concern. I like to make sure the quality is fantastic and that nothing rubs my horses” says Leah.

So what difference can a good product make to you and your horses performance?

“The tapestry girth showed the biggest improvement in my horse Calypso. She just automatically relaxed whist wearing it and allowed her to breathe and open up. I always use the saying ‘ buy cheap buy twice’ and I swear by it to this day!”

So what are Leah’s future goals?

“My biggest goal is always for my horses to be happy. I would love to do a BE80 on Calypso but my confidence dips and sways! Even if we can go out to plenty of lessons and have fun that would be fab for me”

It’s so lovely to hear how well all your horses are cared for Leah, and best of luck with your goals!