Laura McN

Laura McN

Laura is the Founder of The Comfy Horse Company! Creating the company has not only helped Laura fulfil an ambition of working with horses, it’s enabled her to enjoy her own horse, Guinness, more and help as many other horses as possible to be Comfy Horses! The products Laura and her Comfy Horse team handpick really do make a difference horse and rider.

As Laura quite rightly points out, she actually works ‘for’ as much as ‘with’ horses! She says: “Horses give so much to us that I feel we have a duty to ensure they have maximum comfort”. So where did Laura’s passions for horses start?

“I loved horses from a very early age, but didn’t get the opportunity to ride regularly until the age of 13,” says Laura, who later left school to work with horses but fractured her arm just one month in! A career change followed for many years while she shared and loaned various horses.

In 2013 Laura achieved her life long ambition of horse ownership when she bought Guinness, and then set up The Comfy Horse Company in a bid to find the best products to ensure Guinness was as comfortable as he could be.

“I really want to give Guinness a full and happy life, and, by choosing products with his comfort in mind, I feel I am being the best partner he can have,” says Laura.

Guinness is a 15.1hh Connemara x French Trotter who Laura says is safe but characterful, boosting her confidence and getting her out of her comfort zone now and again! They compete in unaffiliated dressage up to Novice level and love clinics, learning and just being together.

When Laura is not in the saddle, she is working on qualifying as a Masterson Method practitioner; this is a great technique to relax horses’ muscles that will help Laura enhance horse comfort in an even more hands-on way.

We asked Laura if she has a favourite among the Comfy Horse products. “Wow, it’s so difficult when they have all been chosen by me and the team! I do love Mattes saddlepads as they are so soft, comfy and you can choose all your own colour combinations. I also love MDC stirrups, as they help my aching joints, and Kerrits riding tights are just so stretchy and comfy I can’t wear anything else!