Laura Baker


Laura B

Laura Baker works at Comfy Horse HQ in the office. She joined us in June 2020 and packs up and dispatches all of your wonderful Comfy Horse orders!



Laura has ridden since a young age, but her parents were not horsy. “My non-equestrian parents thought it would be a good idea to get some ponies,” Laura says. Sounds like the perfect parents to us, Laura!


Laura currently owns two horses: Missy, a 14.1, American Paint x Connie; and Harry, a 15.1, Heavyweight Cob.


“I’ve owned Missy since she was 10 months old and she’s now 13,” says Laura. “I gave up Missy when my daughter got on with her so well.  Sadly she’s a bit of a sick note so we have many highs and lows.”


“Harry has been in our lives for about six years now. He was originally brought in to lead Nelina and Missy in heavy traffic. He’s like gold dust and has had to step up for so many activities when needed.  Pony Club camp was one – it nearly killed him! He rides like a wheelbarrow but is an absolute dude!”




Missy and Harry sound like the sort of ponies who deserve the comfiest attire, so which products has Laura used to date?


“For the horses, the Mattes saddle pad and the Walker rug to name just a couple. But for me it would have to be my Comfy Horse hoodie – I live in it! Plus my Mattes insoles, Kerrits jods and show top, and Georgian Dollar jean jods.






Laura loves the Comfy Horse ethos because her mum, “always told [her] to choose and pay for a quality product as it’ll last longer.”


I like something that feels well made – it makes me feel good! I’m a bit of a safety and quality geek.  I love hi-viz and feel so much more confident in it.”


So what is Laura looking forward to this year? “We’re currently learning in-hand exercises and how to use my seat to ‘control’ my horse,” she says. We hear Harry has reliably informed her that ‘the rider must learn to control oneself before they can control their horse’. Sound advice, Harry!