Katie Parton

After sitting on a donkey on the beach aged two, Katie was hooked on riding! She worked her way through riding schools and sharing ponies, helping out as often as she could to learn anything and everything possible about horses.

“I discovered in this time that I was a bit of a daredevil when it came to riding,” says Katie, “and I loved nothing more than getting on something no one else would!” Katie now runs her own freelance business, teaching, grooming and riding, and still loves nurturing life’s more difficult horses and bringing out the best in them.  One in particular is Felix, an ex-speed showjumper, who came to Katie with a bit of a bad past and knocked confidence. Having worked with him for a while now, Felix has really come out of his shell and transformed into a wonderful riding horse. Katie’s own horse, Jake, came to her rather unfit having not been ridden in almost a year. She knew nothing about him other than the fact he was big and half blind! “Since then Jake has flourished into the most wonderful allrounder, taking on whatever I ask of him… We’ve done everything from show jumping, side-saddle, western, showing and dressage.”

Having worked with so many horses over the years, and owning some rather sensitive ones herself, Katie really appreciates how important it is to make sure her horses are comfy.

“We ask a lot of them when it comes to riding, so ensuring that they are as comfortable as possible when doing their job is priority. The same can be said for us riders. Running my own business, riding in all weathers and being outside all day, really makes me appreciate comfy clothing. I’m sure my horses appreciate it too as it keeps us all in a good mood!” Since using The Comfy Horse Company’s tried and tested products, Katie has seen a difference in her horses’ overall comfort and happiness, but can she pick a favourite?!

“My favourite comfy product so far is definitely the V.I.P Pad.

The difference it has made to every horse I have tried it on is amazing. It’s by far my favourite piece of kit and invaluable when working with horses that are particularly sensitive.

Katie’s main goal for the remainder of 2020 is to continue working with her fab bunch of horses in the hope of getting out to a few shows by the end of the year. They have all been working so hard and have all improved so much, it would be amazing to get out and showcase this! Fingers crossed, Katie. We’re rooting for you!