Jess Campbell

Jess is a vet, eventer, and huge part of the Comfy Horse team! Her passion for horses started at a local riding school. By the time she was just nine, she was working all weekend there in exchange for lessons and by 12, she had successfully persuaded her parents to allow her to share a pony.

As an eventer, Jess has a really nice string of horses, with some very promising youngsters coming through ready to start eventing next year. The youngsters are: Kir Royale (Kir), Coulston Safari (Lion), Moorelands Be Beautiful (Elsa) and Mini.

As for her current horses, Aghalaan Wee Dan (Dan) is the main man of the yard! He’s a 17.1hh, 11-year-old Irish Sports Horse, who has been with Jess since he was a four-year-old and is now an Advanced event horse. “Dan would do a brilliant job of being a Labrador; his favourite things to do are to sleep, eat and be cuddled!” laughs Jess.

Rhey Rose Gold (Rosie) is a 16.1hh, eight-year-old Irish mare who Jess says is “very chestnut”! We hear she is a real powerhouse and knows that she is in charge on the yard!

Jess’ third horse, Jerona HBC (Cleo) is a 15.1hh, six-year-old Dutch Warmblood. “Cleo is mega athletic and has absolutely no idea how little she is,” says Jess. “She started her eventing career last season but it was cut short due to me breaking my leg, hence we are yet to discover what she’s made of!”

So how does Jess like to kit out her lovely horses, Comfy Horse-stylee?!

“I love the VIP Pad and use it religiously on all of my horses every time I ride.

“The Ecogold pad has been a newer revelation. I love the material; it keeps the horses really cool underneath and it dries really quickly. It also has a thin but padded section, which is completely non-slip.

“The margins in eventing have become so tiny that we are always looking for those marginal gains. If a product allows the horses to go even 1% better, it might just be that difference!”

And what about Jess herself? “The MDC Sport Stirrups have been brilliant for me. I’ve got slightly dodgy knees and the wide tread and the angle at which the stirrups hang, have made my knees the most comfortable I’ve known.”

We love having Jess on the Comfy Horse team because she’s acutely aware of the effect our products can have on horses’ comfort and biomechanics.

“To expect the horses to be able to give me their best work, I have to know that they are completely comfortable both when they are being ridden and in their well deserved down-time,” says Jess. “The Comfy Horse Company has become a huge part of our team in making this drive a reality.”

Like everyone, Jess’ grand plans for 2020 have had to change fairly radically due to Covid. “I had hoped to aim Dan at Blenheim CCI4* but with so many event cancellations we are going to use this year to strengthen and build experience for all of the horses and be ready to come out all guns blazing in 2021.”

We’re right behind you Jess – good luck!