Jess Bright

Jess was riding before she could walk and began helping out on the family yard as soon as she was old enough. She owns 15.3hh ex-hunter Ziggy who came over from Ireland. They compete at Elementary dressage and also do a bit of show jumping and cross country.

 “Ziggy’s a bit of a complicated one,” says Jess. “We bought him knowing he had dodgy hocks, but he is such a trier and loves his work that we couldn’t not have him.”

Jess describes Ziggy as the type of horse that is “super-hot and sensitive to ride but a complete dobbin on the ground,” and has hence found various products from The Comfy Horse Company to be complete life savers – both for Ziggy and herself!



“To sum it up, if it is a teeny tiny bit wrong, Ziggy’s lame,” says Jess. “This means I have to make sure nothing rubs, nothing pinches, the surface area of certain items is perfect, he has full shoulder movement… the list goes on. If you get it right, he will give you the ride of a lifetime.”

“For me, as with anyone, if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing when riding you focus more on that than the ride, which can be detrimental. The worst one for me is wearing the wrong pants!”




So what would Jess say is her favourite Comfy Horse product? Well, it’s the MDC super sport stirrups. “They have literally saved my back!” says Jess, who had a grade 4 sprain to her left ankle leading to subluxation of the ligaments around it and less stability on her left side.

Jess says, “Normal stirrups don’t give my ankle the same support and I get really bad referred pain in my lower back, making it hard to ride.”

Jess is fully aware of Ziggy’s ability and is aiming to do more cross country and jumping with him so as not to let it go to waste.

“He’ll jump anything in front of him, is incredibly bold on the cross-country course and is now schooling up to Medium (on a good day!) If we are both working to our best on the same day, we can achieve so much and really move forwards in our work together.”

We’re so glad Comfy Horse products are making a difference and look forward to watching this pair flourish!