Harriet Millar


Harriet Millar

Harriet is a keen dressage rider regularly competing unaffiliated and affiliated with her cheeky 15.2hh 10-year-old Irish Sports Horse Dennis, who some of you may recognise as our very own Comfy Horse supermodel! She also owns De Coeur, a 17hh, six-year-old, German Warmblood who is being brought on slowly to allow him to mature.

Dennis is working and competing at Medium level and De Coeur, who Harriet purchased through the Brightwells Elite Horse Sales, is working at Elementary and competing at Novice. “He is also quite cheeky at times and loves to be out competing where he thinks he is the star of the show!” laughs Harriet.

Harriet has ridden for most of her life. Her first pony was called George and she owes it to him for the ‘obsession’ that just grew stronger and stronger!

She’s supported the Comfy Horse team from the start, recommending and promoting products, helping at events and providing facilities and horses for our photo shoots. So what product has been her favourite so far?

“It’s a tough choice as there are lots I like! My favourite is probably my White Mattes velvet saddle pad I use at competitions. I chose two different colours of binding and I love it as it’s totally unique and nobody in the warm up has one like mine!” says Harriet.

“It is important to be selective on what products to use with my horses as I like them to be as comfortable as possible, but also well protected. A product can make a big difference to my horses’ way of going; if I am to put on something they are not comfortable in they can become quite stuffy, not willing to go forward and not showing much enthusiasm for their work!” says Harriet.

So what are Harriet’s future goals? Well, she and Dennis are looking forward to competing in the Winter Regionals at Medium level, which they have already qualified for, and hopefully doing some dressage to music as well. Harriet would love De Coeur to qualify for the Summer Regionals at Novice and just carry on getting more experience.

“I would like him to be at Elementary level out competing by the end of summer and starting to work at Medium level next winter, but there’s no pressure for him; he’s only young and learning the ropes!”

Good luck Harriet, Dennis and De Coeur!