Amy Russell

Amy is a regular on the dressage circuit with her horse, Skye. The pair compete in affiliated BD, and qualified for the Petplan Area Festivals, Petplan Semi-finals, Coloured Horse Championships, and also the Sheepgate U25’s Championships in their first year together.

Unfortunately, their journey did not have an easy start as Skye wasn’t in the best condition when Amy bought her two years ago. “She was basically a rescue case,” says Amy. “She had dreadful feet, was in poor condition, had terrible teeth and a sore back from a poor fitted saddle.”

Amy and Skye have made brilliant progress in such a short space of time, as Amy explains: “Skye has changed my love for this sport so much. I was very close to giving up, and plenty of people had already given up on her, so our journey to me has been very special.”

Comfy Horse products are also helping to improve Skye and Amy’s partnership. “It’s important to me firstly because I want my horses to feel comfy in whatever equipment I use,” says Amy. “I can’t expect the horses to perform to their best ability if they don’t feel comfy in what they are wearing. Would you perform your best if you where running a marathon in shoes only suitable for office work?!”


Amy also has a young mare called Katy, who is bred for dressage and described by Amy as,Amy and Katie“the sassiest, most opinionated horse I have ever come across!” So with two horses to feed, Amy also likes to be careful with money. As a valued Comfy Horse reviewer, she can be confident a product is good and going to do the job before making a purchase.

Amy is hoping to qualify Skye at Petplan Novice and also have a go at qualifying for the Summer regionals this year. Meanwhile, Katy has just been backed and is going to have a year of seeing the world and taking everything in at her own pace, allowing her to grow and mature.

Amy and Skye are currently testing out the Husk 3D Air Shield Boots for us, so keep an eye out for their review!