Thinline Replacement Halter Piece


That’s the great thing about the break-away.  Its safe, and it can be replaced!

Here you can find the replacement.


Thinline Replacement Halter Piece

What size do you need for your ThinLine Replacement Breakaway Halter Piece?

  • Pony to Cob: 22″ – 56 cm
  • Horse-Oversize: 23″ – 59 cm

Pony size can be trimmed down for mini halter use. You may need to punch holes.

Why would you use a Breakaway Halter?

A Breakaway Halter is perfect to combine with our ThinLine Flexible Grazing Muzzle. This makes the combo super safe to use 24/7.

When your horse gets caught the Breakaway Halter Piece or the Zip ties of the Grazing muzzle will break and free your horse. No need to worry any if your horse will be injured by getting caught on the field.

The breakaway halter can be purchased here ThinLine Flexible Breakaway Halter – The Comfy Horse Company

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Pony/Cob, Horse/Oversized, Mini


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