The Gentil Bitless Bridle

This beautiful bitless bridle was designed by Jenny Rolfe a well respected classical dressage trainer and author in conjunction with advice from her cranial osteopath Hans Carpani. Jenny has a holistic approach to training and will support your transition to bitless riding through clinics, videos and her facebook group “Naturally Classical’.

The Gentil is hand crafted in the UK by a master saddler, in the highest quality English Leather.


  • SHAPED & PADDED HEADPIECE-  offers minimal pressure around Sensitive Cranial nerves
  • COMFORT LEATHER PADS placed under Metal rings
  • BUCKLES sufficiently distanced from the sensitive area of the eyes
  • SIDE PIECE designed to lie away from the prominent cheek bone
  • BALANCE of Connection between nose and cheek – to assist natural relaxation through poll
  • PADDED NOSE BAND – designed to allow natural breathing

The Gentil bridle has a gently curved browband and is available in Havana brown or black with silver fittings. You can personalise your bridle with stitched browband and/or noseband. We can also add a schooling ring for lunging and in-hand work (only available with a stitched noseband).

Reins are not included, please choose from our range here

This bridle is now made to order – please contact us here to arrange your personal fitting – thanks!

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The Gentil Bitless Bridle

The Gentil Bitless Bridle is available in black or havana brown, handcrafted by UK master saddlers, the bridle can be made to your exact requirements.

Notes from the designer Jenny Rolfe;

“In my personal pursuit of lightness for the horse and rider and also comfort for the horse, I have designed my own Gentil bitless bridle.

This design evolved as a result of experimenting with different horses to gain more knowledge of how a bitless bridle could function most efficiently. The more educated rider will be looking to connect with a centred body balance with lightness through the upper body and a fluid seat enhanced by conscious breathing.

This enables the arms of the rider to feel  with more lightness of hands and fingers. The bitless bridle has the potential to enhance this feel if the bridle design offers an optimal point of contact, for the rider, between the nose and the poll.

When the reins are connected to the bridle too far forward this places excess pressure on the nose. When the rein is further back the connection engages more release from the poll.

On the Gentil bridle,  the cheek piece is placed further back to allow the noseband to connect with the reins to gain a balance between nose and poll pressure.

  • Excess pressure on front of nose- creates more tension
  • Excess Poll pressure can cause over bending
  • The balance of contact lies in between

The correct balance helps the rider to find a more yielding feel with the horse, akin to the relaxed ‘feeling’ with a bit,  but without engaging with the very sensitive mouth.

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