Tapestry Dressage Girth Brown

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The Tapestry Comfort Girth is the only girth that HUGS your horse!

This revolutionary design does more than simply hold the saddle in place – it breathes with your horse to improve comfort and performance.

Dressage riders get the competitive edge!  Horses using the Tapestry Comfort Girth move freely and comfortably. The patented design places elastics where your horse needs it most while holding the saddle in place. The simple design allows the elastic to expand at the rib cage so your horse can breath freely. If your horse had a voice… 

Girth Details:

The Tapestry Comfort Girth has a 6″ sternum pad with non-slip neoprene that helps keep the girth and saddle in place and elastic that breathes with the horse relieving pressure behind the elbows.  Quality stitching details with stainless steel buckles and a D ring for martingale or breastplate attachment.

Colour: Havana Brown easy care genuine leather and elastic Sizes: 22″ – 34″

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Also available in Black sizes 20″ to 34″, and in both Black and Brown as a Long girth

This girth is offered with a 30-day money back guarantee – so you can try with confidence!


Tapestry Dressage Girth Brown

Tapestry Dressage Girth Brown is also available in Black sizes 20″ to 34″, and in both Black and Brown as a Long girth Tapestry Equine Products are patented and offer comfort and increased performance. A happy horse is a happy rider.

“I ride a large variety of horses and ponies of all different shapes and sizes! The amazing Tapestry Comfort Girth holds the saddle so still while allowing the horses to really move even those that can be really sensitive to being girthed up seem happy in it” Jayne Turney, 7 Regional titles and 3 British Dressage National Titles

I purchased a Tapestry Comfort Girth at Land Rover 2019 and I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical. I usually don’t spend that amount of money on a girth but I must say I am so glad I did. I have seen a significant change in the way my horse moves on the flat and jumps. He is so much more willing to move forward off my leg and stretch into the bridle. If you’re a bit unsure about investing in a Tapestry Girth, I say make the jump because I found it was completely worth it!

Caring for your Tapestry Dressage Girth Brown

Like any other piece of horse equipment if you look after it correctly it can last a long time. Horse equipment is designed to stand up to equestrian life, but cleaning your tack will make your investment last longer. We suggest cleaning the leather on your girth with saddle soap and oil as needed. The elastic can be cleaned with a wet or dry dandy brush and a non-chemical shampoo/soap and air dry. Just wipe the neoprene gently with a damp cloth. Although it is solidly adhered to the leather it won’t take rough treatment and is not covered under any warranty.

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