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Give your horse a gentle cue with the Spursuader Spurs.

These spurs are much more comfy for the horse and ideal for the experienced rider to give a more subtle message to a sensitive horse and for the less experienced rider who may inadvertently use the leg without fear of over-reaction!

“The reason I developed this spur was in large part my experience riding sensitive horses, particularly Thoroughbreds. How they overreacted to a traditional spur, how some would get tense right away when they knew you were wearing a spur or watching a horse get inadvertently “spurred”. That got me thinking that there must be another way to get our point across to the horse without offending or creating tension in that horse.” Linda Hauck, Inventor

Perfect for schooling and perfecting the aids, these spurs are competition legal for British Showjumping, but not yet approved for use in FEI, BE or BD competition, we are hoping this will reverse soon as these are great spurs designed for horse comfort!

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Tapestry Equine Products designed the Spursuader Spurs English to allow riders to encourage their horse through a gentle cue. Developed as an extension of your own heel to increase effectiveness, but rounded to decrease pain.
The thin muscles and skin over the rib cage are not cut or injured when using the Spursuader spurs – horses are more willing to move forward and understand your aids without resentment or pain.

“I love the Spursuader! My two sensitive mares are so responsive to them! The design of Spursuader is gentle but so effective in getting horses going happily forward.”
Peter Gray, 3 Time Olympian / Past Coach of the Canadian Eventing Team

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