Riaflex 50:50 joint supplement


This high impact joint supplement is formulated with joint care as the utmost priority, providing a more affordable but highly effective product to those with a more limited budget.

Riaflex 50:50 is formulated to ensure that a fully effective daily rate is administered, making it extremely effective for horses in competition, those with a heavy work load, or those with reduced mobility and challenged joints.

Keeping joints supple requires a plentiful supply of lubricating fluid, a smooth cartilage coating on the working surfaces of the joint, and healthy connective tissue. 50:50 is designed to meet these requirements, providing nutritional support for joint health and flexibility. It can also be used for maintenance on apparently healthy horses to prolong their happy, comfortable working life.

This product is vegetarian.

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Riaflex 50:50 joint supplement

Supplied as a 700g tub

An easy to administer powder that can be mixed with wet or damp feed once a day.
Can be fed morning or evening.
We recommend that all horses are fed at the optimum dose rate as this is most effective for body weight. Maintenance rate is designed for those horses with no pre exiting issues although optimum rate is preferable for all horses.
We do not offer a loading dose as these supplements are most effective when fed at a high level continuously.

Riaflex 50 : 50 is supplied with a 10ml scoop.

  • Pony 0 – 300kg

    2 scoops

    What is administered?

    • 6.6g Glucosamine
    • 6.6g MSM
  • Horse 300 – 600kg

    3 scoops

    What is administered?

    • 10g Glucosamine
    • 10g MSM
  • Large Horse 600kg+

    4 scoops

    What is administered?

    • 13.3g Glucosamine
    • 13.3g MSM


Riaflex is a family owned, UK based business, dedicated to improving the health of you, your dogs, cats, and horses.

Riaflex was founded in 2006 by Kate Williams, an established sports and animal practitioner with a wealth of experience in treating and rehabilitating joint injuries and diseases.

“Whilst working with professional athletes, both human and equine, I discovered to my amazement that I could not find a triple equine or canine joint supplement that provided adequate dose levels for effective joint care. Even more surprising was that leading brands seemed to be the biggest offenders, providing daily levels of active compounds that would give little benefit particularly for those horses or dogs with existing joint issues.” Kate Williams, Founder of Riaflex

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