Rheva Wound Protection Plasters


Rheva wound protection is the new unique way of protecting wounds on animals. Through the ventilation net, the wound will be able to breathe at the same time as it is protected from the worst risk of infection, for example flies. 

The specially designed net has got the construction to produce a distance to the wound. Therefore, it will work as a partition towards getting infections. The result will be a natural healing process. 

Rheva wound protection is also easy to use. Just pull off the protective plastic film and attach your RHEVA just like a regular plaster.

Pack contains 2x small and 2x large Rheva wound protection.

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Rheva wound protection plasters

Rheva wound protection plasters pack contains 2x small and 2x large Rheva wound protection.

Sizing is as follows;

Small is suitable for wounds up to 2.5 × 4.5 cm and also works well on exposed parts of the animal. In normal cases we recommend small legs and joints.

Large is suitable for other injuries to the body and works on wounds up to 7 × 4 cm.

Instructions for use:
    1. 1. Thoroughly clean the wound and attachment surface. We recommend saline in normal cases.
      2. Dry the mounting surface carefully. The area can be shaved if possible as it provides a better contact surface.
      3. Peel off the white plastic film. Try as best you can to not touch the sticky surface with your fingers.
      4. Fasten the RHEVA immediately and push around the mounting surface. Keep the pressure for a minute as this warms the adhesive surface and makes the patch fasten better.

If necessary we urge in most cases to clean the wound with saline solution. Avoid using chemicals in the wound area as it normally impairs the healing process.

During healing the wound can be cleaned through the mesh, however this can impair adhesion.

In some places on the horse like legs and neck (where there is a lot of movement) it may be necessary to support RHEVA with an extra bandage.


When removing the plastic film please avoid touching the adhesive surface.

Attach your RHEVA wound protection to a dry and clean coat. The coat should be clean from chemicals such as coat gloss and fly spray. These chemicals will impair the adhesive properties of RHEVA.

When applying gently pull your fingers around the flat surface so that the adhesive surface makes good contact with the coat.

Adherence can be impaired if the animal falls or in severe cold and other harsh weather conditions. For optimal adhesion long fur may need to be cut/shaved.


The adhesive in RHEVA is a carefully balanced product with medically classified materials for good adhesion.

It can be removed without piling or leaving a lot of adhesive on the coat.

The adhesive adheres best after sitting for a few hours and “drying” as it stays in place very well when it is stuck.

In some places on the horse e.g. legs and neck (where there is a lot of movement) it may be necessary to support RHEVA with an extra bandage. 


Your animal will sometimes remove RHEVA itself as they roll or itch. Carefully pull off the RHEVA, starting at one corner.


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