Optimus Lumina Light Therapy Device


Optimus Lumina is a non-invasive, drug-free device that uses red, infrared and blue light to assist in the healing of injuries, wounds and infections.  Designed by physiotherapists, it provides a complementary therapy to other treatments and interventions, maximising patient care.

Treating the affected area with red and infrared light therapy, will help recovery by increasing circulation, bringing nutrients to the area and aiding better metabolic waste removal.  Red light therapy also relieves pain and releases endorphins by stimulating acupuncture points. When applied, blue light therapy works by limiting the growth of bacteria, therefore, reducing the risk of infection.


Optimus Lumina Light Therapy Device

The Optimus Lumina Light Therapy Device is a red, infrared and blue light therapy device which is tried, tested and trusted.

Approved by The College of Animal Physiotherapy – vocational trainers in animal physiotherapy for over 25 years.

The Optimus Lumina is proven to relax muscle tension and spasms, This relieves pain and inflammation. Assists managing chronic conditions such as arthritis and overuse injuries.

Using the device gives pain relief through red light therapy releasing;

  • Endorphins (the body’s natural pain killing chemicals).
  • Serotonin (the key chemical for stabilising mood and enhancing feelings of wellbeing).

Blue light therapy has a damaging biochemical effect on bacterial cells that causes them to die. This makes it very effective for decontaminating the skin.

Avoiding infection and decreasing the bacterial load on wounds already infected. 

Add red light to the equation and you have the perfect tool to treat post-operative wounds and support treatment of bacterial infections.

What inside the box?

  • Lumina Phototherapy device

  • Protective pouch

  • Charging USB to USB C cable

  • User Manual

  • Adjustable velcro hand strap (can also use a surcingle through this to hold device in place)

Owned and founded by physiotherapists, the Optimus team have spent years in the field treating pets and horses. Frequently they found themselves missing the essential tools to deliver optimal care. 

Extensive research, testing and development over the past two years, has resulted in the creation of this device. This is the first in what we hope are many, innovative new products that are highly effective, yet simple to use. 

The Optimus product development team are all highly experienced animal physiotherapists, with over 45 years of collective experience in all areas of animal care. The team have additional expertise as international riding instructors, equine dentists and more…


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