Natural Equine Aromawash Shampoo


This shampoo was developed to keep your horse’s coat and skin in tip-top condition whatever his colour or skin type.

Aromawash is a gentle relaxing shampoo that deep cleans whilst relaxing and calming, so that even horses that aren’t too keen on a bath will succumb to this.

The combination of lavender and tea tree oil in this highly concentrated shampoo give a truly deep shine to any horse’s coat. Aromawash is probably the one that horses would choose for themselves!


500ml bottle – also available in a larger size, please enquire if interested.

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The Natural Equine philosophy can best be summarized as follows:


Each Natural Equine product is based as far as possible on plant extracts and oils. The quality of the ingredients is key  – plant extracts and oils are at their most potent if they are pure and fresh.

The products only use vegetable based cleansers and contain no synthetic fragrances and no artificial colouring. The first principle is: always use the purest natural ingredients possible.


Natural Equine products must do the job effectively. So they combine the old fashioned wisdom with the latest technology and scientific formulas to achieve optimal performance.


Natural Equine products do what they say on the bottle. The extracts and oils naturally have a lovely aroma but the feel is important too.


All the products are made in Britain, which controls the manufacturing process and that in turn controls the quality.


Natural Equine care about the environment and minimizing a negative impact upon it. They use recyclable bottles and recycle packaging wherever possible.


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