Leather Lunge Line


This leather line is light and easy to handle, just the right weight, width and length to use for a variety of in-hand movements. Perfect for long-reining, lunging, working in hand for classical schooling, activity training, leading (also available as a pair of long reins)

  • One lunge line
  • Full leather.
  • Measures 550cm (216″) long, 16mm (5/8″) wide
  • Black in stock, stainless steel clips


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Leather Lunge Line

  • Leather Lunge Line measures 550 cm (216″) long, 16 mm (5/8″) wide
  • Full leather, stainless steel
  • Black only

PRODUCT CARE & MAINTENANCE Leatherwear Our leather products are individually made and therefore the leather grain and texture may vary. We recommend cleaning with saddle soap and applying oil or leather balsam prior to first use, reapplying whenever necessary. If the products get wet, allow to dry naturally in a warm environment but away from direct heat.

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