Horse Shampoo Blend No.3


Fantastic for the environment, your wallet and your horse this shampoo bar also makes the perfect gift!

230gm bar contained within a sisal bag.

The new essential blend no.3 is a super mild solid shampoo bar that leaves the coat feeling smooth, shiny and silky.

A gentle shampoo that cleans the toughest stains without disrupting the skins natural barrier.

Enriched with Lavender, a 100% pure essential oil

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Horse Shampoo Essential Blend No.3

The word lavender is thought to be derived from the Latin word lavare, meaning to wash. It has been used throughout the centuries and has many uses in aromatherapy.

Lavender is one of the most popular and versatile of oils distilled from the plant Lavandula augustifolia. The oil smells wonderful and is said to promote relaxation and calm and is often used as an aid to sleep. It can be also used to aid the control of fungal infection due to its antibacterial and antiseptic qualities.

Lavender is packed with antioxidants and is a natural pain reliever. The anti-inflammatory qualities are found to be soothing whilst promoting blood circulation.

How to use See change now shampoo bars

Each bar comes in a sisal bag. Keep the product in the bag and simply moisten the bar with water. Work into lather and scrub. They’re perfect for muddy paws, stable stains and even fox poo. You can target the areas worse effected or use for a total bath. Super easy to rinse away dirt and grease, resulting in a smooth, shiny finish with the softest of coats. Then, once you’ve finished, you can simply hang up the bar to dry ready for the next use! They’re a real game changer!

Because of the ingredients we use, our shampoo bars are gentle on the skin. This means that you can even use them on sore and broken skin. The shampoo bar will calm and sooth the skin back to condition. They provide equine health and canine care that’s as effective as it is sensitive.

Our commitment to change

We’re incredibly passionate about the environment and do what we can to reduce global warming. This is why all of our products are plastic free, have less packaging, are 100% bio-degradable* and are only tested on humans. You’ll also find that, as a concentrated solid bar, they are three times as long lasting as normal horse and dog liquid shampoo. With one of our bars, you will get a sensitive Shampoo for your pets that saves single use plastic from land fill, reduces our carbon foot print and helps you be more environmentally friendly .

To continue our commitment to reduce global warming, we have joined forces with Ecologi to become a climate positive workforce. Sustainability is at the heart of See Change Now’s mission. For every bar of See Change Now shampoo, three plastic bottles are saved from polluting the planet. We want to do everything that we can to protect biodiversity, to turn the tide on environmental destruction and to put the brakes on the climate crisis. Take a look at their website to see what Ecologi is all about and the amazing work they’re doing.

*See Change Shampoo bars are SLS Free, Paraben free and PEG free and 100% Vegan.


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