Franklin Mini Roller


Franklin Mini Roller

The ‘crystal blue’ Franklin Mini Roller is designed to comfortably support the spine, legs and shoulders while performing the Franklin Method exercises.

The compact size and peanut shape massages the back and rolls away tension from the legs and shoulders. Perfect for increasing the strength of the pelvic floor. Approximately 10cm (4″) dia. x 16cm (6¼”) L.

Needle inflating pump required for full inflation (sold separately hereneedlepump

For Equestrian Use –

Position across the saddle, directly underneath the seat bones between the saddle and rider. Eases away tension and promotes greater awareness of the seat. Use for walk, sitting trot (rising impossible!) and canter. Horses respond to the greater freedom of movement.

When the rider removes the the Mini-Roller he experiences a much deeper seat, has more contact with the saddle and is able to follow the horse’s movements with better suppleness.

See also our Horse Rider Set which includes everything to get you started – a variety of Franklin balls together with an instruction booklet and handy carrying bag.


The Franklin Method® teaches dynamic alignment and how to move your body with maximum efficiency to keep your body youthful and energized. Your whole body is part of a symphony of coordinated movement. In a sense, your posture is reinvented at every instant. In every moment, the ideal combination of limbs, joints, gravity, moving parts, connective tissue, and muscle must be found and directed by your brain and nervous system.

Aid movement and increase body awareness with this Franklin Mini Roller ideal for exercising, stretching or for massage of the soft tissue. This Franklin Roller has been designed with a unique peanut shape and features an air valve for pressure adjustments.

Phthalate & Latex Free

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