Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay

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Pink Hoof Clay is a must for every tack box!

Ideal for hooves, soles, white line areas and many skin issues. Totally natural and eco-friendly product.

Pink hoof Clay by Ecohoof is a bentonite clay and essential oil mix that can be used for a range of hoof and skin problems. Bentonite clay is very absorbent and can be used for packing hooves, poulticing and foot health.

It can also be used on skin conditions such as sweet itch as it contains a range of soothing essential oils.

Pink clay is reported to help hair grow back over damaged areas after they have healed.

Pink hoof clay dries and stays in place for approximately 12 hours before naturally flaking off. It also contains fly repellent qualities.


Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay

We hold 2 sizes of Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay in stock;

Size 500g, 250g

Method of Use


  • Pink Hoof Clay, Is easy to apply simply paint on with a brush or smooth on with your hand.
  • Allow the animal to stand on a dry surface for up to 5 minutes, to allow the drying process to start.
  • Pink Hoof Clay provides a long contact period, the clay dries, hardens and seals whilst essential oils to take hold. Even after the clay has gone, the penetrating essential oils will remain.

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250g, 500g

2 reviews for Ecohoof Pink Hoof Clay

  1. Ruth

    Fantastic product!

  2. Muriel

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