Comfy Horse Longlining set


Save 10% when buying as a set!

This great set comprises of our leather long reins and lungeing girth with padding, ideal to keep your horse comfy and happy working with two reins.



Lunging girth with thick padding

This Classic Lunging girth is made of a soft material and is underlaid to protect against pressure points with a thick padding which adapts to the shape of the horse's back.

There are many rings so all types of reins can be used in different positions, making it very versatile.

This lungeing girth is light and extremely stable.

It is good for young horses, since the material adjusts to every individual back.

In addition, this girth can be used without any other padding on the back.


Leather Long Reins

This pair of separate leather long reins are light and easy to handle, making long reining easy. Just the right weight, width and length to use for a variety of in-hand movements.

Perfect for long-reining, lunging, working in hand for classical schooling, activity training, leading (also available as a single lunge line)

  • Set of two spliced reins
  • Full leather
  • Each rein measures 550cm (216") long, 16mm (5/8") wide
  • Black only, stainless steel clips

Now also available in 8 metre length!


Comfy Horse Longlining set

The Comfy Horse Longlining set comprises of;

Set of two full leather lunge lines, each line measures 550cm(216″) long and 16mm (5/8″ wide). Black with stainless steel fittings.

One Lungeing girth classic with thick padding, in Pony or Full size.

Simply attach the clips on the long lines to your choice of control halter, cavesson or bridle and feed through any of the loops on the lungeing girth.

Total saving is 10% off the RRP.

Longlining is very beneficial for all horses as it allows you to work in straight lines and in a similar position to riding. This helps horses gain confidence and is often used for youngsters, rehab and introducing new experiences.

Introducing polework, obstacles and turns will also keep your horse’s mind active. We love it because it’s another way to bond with your horse!

You can also check how they are moving from the ground without the rider.

Need a walker or lunging rug? see our range here –  Exercise sheets and Walker rugs – The Comfy Horse Company

Additional information

Lunging girth with thick padding


Pony, Cob/Full

Leather Long Reins


550cm, 8 Metre


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