CATAGO FIR-Tech LED Therapy Pad X84


LED THERAPY PADS – The next generation of multifunctional LED devices

These fantastic pads from Catago are perfect for use in the stable for a variety of conditions – all using a pre-programmed smart controller.

Benefits include;

  • IMPROVE tissue recovery
  • RELAX muscles
  • INCREASE blood circulation
  • BOOST muscle recovery
  • STIMULATE nerve transmissions

Please note – this product is available to backorder – please allow an extra 7-10 days for delivery, thanks!

Available on backorder


CATAGO FIR-Tech LED Therapy Pad X84

CATAGO FIR-Tech LED Therapy Pad X84 pad size is 115cm x 74cm

FIR-TECH LED combines natural red, near-infrared and blue light in one seamless device. It can improve the regeneration process for muscles, fascia, tissue and nerves as well as trigger the self-healing process. The different wavelength of the FIR TECH LED products penetrates skin, tissue and muscles in the optimal depth and can promote regeneration, can be used for prevention, relaxation and recovery processes.

THE LED PAD is with integrated high efficiency LED technology and gives a excellent illumination uniformity. The pad is made in soft and flexible materials and fabrics.
Delived with adhesive strips for flexible attachment, removable SMART KNOB Controller and rechargeable battery with 3500 mAh.

APPLICATON Areas The FIR-Tech LED product line is wellness products and can be used on humans and animals.

3 TYPES LED Single LEDs are combined in one seamless and sealed unit to provide high density LED power.

SMART KNOB Control Rotary smart knob with integrated display

  • Pre-Defined programs for ease of use
  • Pre-sets are tailored for the optimal use of
    – Regeneration
    – Muscle Tension
    – Improve Blood Circulation
    – Warm-up
    – Follow-up treatment

LED Technology

  • Combination of seamless integrated LED stripes
  • Wavelength – 460nm (blue light), 630nm (red light) and 850nm (invisible infrared)
  • Total power output – 84 W
  • Combination of visible blue and red LED
  • Invisible near-infrared LED integrated
  • All-in-one device


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