Bigg Comfort Deluxe Bitless Multi Bridle


There are 8 bitless variations possible with this fantastic bitless multi bridle, maybe more depending on your creativity

All parts are included for you to experiment and see which bitless option your horse finds most comfy!

The Bigg Comfort Deluxe range offers a superior quality leather throughout the whole bridle.

The Standard width headpiece boasts a slimmer shaped lobe suits a wider range of horses including those with an enlarged TMJ, a curved shape around the ears giving even more clearance and a neater poll piece perfect for horses that prefer a larger surface area over the headpiece but have a smaller distance between their ears.

The browband has easy switch loops so that it can be removed without taking the whole bridle apart.

Whole bridle including arrow grip reins.

With the addition of a headslip and bitted cheekpieces you can also add a bit onto the bridle, great for those who are transitioning to bitless or feel a combination of bitted and bitless works best for their pony.


Bigg Comfort Deluxe Bitless Multi Bridle

The Bigg Comfort Deluxe Bitless Multi Bridle incorporates a Bigg Comfort Standard Headpiece (Design registration number 6016620)

This copyrighted headpiece is designed with ultimate comfort for the horse in mind.

The wide area over the poll disperses pressure over a large area. It is cut away from the ears so that the ears can move freely in any direction. The innovative browband padding relieves the head of any irritation, pressure or rubbing from the browband. This takes pressure away from the face and the sensitive TMJ nerve.

The headpiece is designed to be snaffle to double convertible with the addition of a headslip and extra set of cheekpieces. Simply put the headslip through the three neat straps on top of the headpiece and attach the throatlash, leaving the main straps for the cheekpieces and noseband. As all of the side straps are the same width you can adjust which fixing is situated on which strap suits your horses needs.

.A bitless bridle that is not only very smart but extremely versatile with single and double combinations possible.

The bridle pack includes the following;

  • Bigg Comfort standard headpiece.
  • Cheekpieces with combination jaw strap for ultimate stability.
  • Hackamore noseband with slots to neatly tidy away the ends of the buckle straps.
  • Sidepull noseband with the removable nose pad to adjust the comfort for your horse.
  • U shaped hackamore sides that can also be used upside down depending on your needs, you can also use different hackamore sides on the bridle.
  • Scawbrig straps and pad that can be used with both the sidepull and hackamore nosebands.
  • The new rolled Crossunder straps with buckle guards which attach to the cheekpieces and extra ring which again can be used with both the sidepull and hackamore nosebands.
  • 3 double buckle pads for fastening.
  • 2 pairs of removable straps to use with both nosebands.
  • A curved browband which is slightly oversized to decrease any possible pressure on the forehead and eliminate the pulling forward of the headpiece onto the ears.


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Black Smooth, Black Patent, Brown Smooth


Cob, Full, XF


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