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VIP Saddle Pad – the Very Important Pad


Key points

  • The VIP is a superior impact and pressure relieving pad for horses
  • Made from Akton® visco elastic polymer gel
  • This raw material has had 45 years of human grade research
  • Relieves impact, pressure, sheer forces and friction
  • Seamless and slim line design does not alter saddle fit
  • Akton® is flexible yet has a high tensile strength to maintain its shape
  • Does not leak, flow, absorb sweat, bottom out or spread under pressure
  • Hypoallergenic and easy to clean

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The Very Important Pad –The VIP Saddle Pad

The VIP is a revolutionary addition to the equestrian market. A raw material– Akton viscoelastic polymer gel, originally engineered 40 years ago for the treatment and prevention of ulcers and pressure sores in human clinical settings has been turned it into a product your horse will thank you for. Akton is a worldwide market leader in specialist pressure relieving surgical supplies and as such Akton gel has undergone 4 decades of rigorous scientific testing. Independent research has proved its unique qualities. Your horse deserves the very best.

Moulding to your horses back like a low profile second skin, the VIP is very soft and flexible to the touch, yet the durable honeycomb structure of Akton gel guarantees huge tensile strength allowing the pad to always maintain its shape under extreme and prolonged compression. So unlike foam and softer gel pads, the VIP can deflect an applied load without bottoming out. Our bobble design, to be placed on the horses back bobble side down, and thin film gullet, spreads direct forces over a wider surface area, alleviating pressure points and evenly distributing weight. The thinness (8mm) of the pad does not compromise the optimum close contact feel.    No “air holes” which can fill with sweat and hair, so reduced friction and sheer forces. Akton gel is hypoallergenic, easily cleanable and does not support bacterial growth.

The VIP can be used either directly on your horses back, or underneath the saddle on top of the saddle pad or numnah.


Quotes and testimonials:

Sam Griffiths, Australian International Event Rider: “With its excellent ‘second skin’ like feel and use of proven materials, the VIP pad has become a super additional piece of kit to use on a wide range of my horses for all the disciplines of three day eventing. I hardly notice when the horse is wearing it. The all important close contact connection I have between my saddle and the horse is not compromised in any way. The VIP is an exciting and innovative product with its success being a reflection of the extensive research and attention to detail that has gone into creating it. “

Roland Tong, Irish International Dressage Rider: ” I ride in beautiful saddles that are fitted correctly.  I was impressed that finally there was a saddle pad with research to prove the issues of impact and pressure.  I want a saddle pad that will help to protect my horse’s back but does not alter saddle fit. The VIP does this and more”


Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

Gold, Black, Blue


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