Thinline Non-Slip Grip Reins with stops

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These ThinLine English Reins with Non-Slip Grip express softness and quiet stability in hand-to-bit contact. The reins are notched with rein stops and have a stud hook end to attach to the bit.

Challenges with holding a rein can create tension. When the hand is tense, this tension moves from the hand all the way up to the shoulder.

Our rubber grip style reins, wrapped in no-slip ThinLine, allows riders to have a soft, comfortable yet secure grip which translates to a soft, elastic connection to the bridle.

We guarantee this rein will not slip even in wet conditions. A favourite of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. Leisure riders also cannot get enough of the comfortable feel.

ThinLine Non-slip grip reins are used worldwide for people with sore hands, small hands or arthritis!

While initially developed for riders with arthritis, riders with normal grip also demonstrate improved elasticity and connection with their horses when riding with ThinLine non-slip grip reins.

The ThinLine rein is durable and guaranteed to improve communication and confidence with your horse.

This rein is also available as a smooth rein.




ThinLine English Reins with stops

For Non-Slip Grip

Available in Black or Dark brown


Length 54″ (137cm) or 60″ (152cm)

Only available with stud hook end to attach to the bit.

Also available as a smooth rein

Tack Care Instructions

ThinLine Tack is extremely easy to take care of. We do strongly recommend using our all-natural ThinLine Cleaners when wiping down and cleaning your ThinLine Tack. It works great for our reins, boots, girths and more. Using baby wipes or a little simple dish soap works well for quick cleans up too.

To ensure the longevity of your ThinLine Tack. It is important to keep it away from chemicals such as Show Sheen, Fly Sprays, Leather Oils, etc. This can cause the ThinLine foam to harden. Be certain to clean thoroughly if they come in contact. If you are conditioning a leather portion of ThinLine Tack, we recommend using a paste-like style to control the application.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Dark Brown


54" (137cm), 60" (152cm)

1 review for Thinline Non-Slip Grip Reins with stops

  1. Abigail (verified owner)

    I find these a bit thicker than the plain ones but like the reins stops as I am quite one sided so tend to have one rein shorter than the other.

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