Stephen’s Gelee Fish Front Riser


The Gelee Fish Front Riser is more suitable where extra cushioning is required on the shoulder or wither.

  • Black, One size only.
  • Superb impact absorption.
  • Reduces back & wither injuries.
  • Prevents saddle slipping.
  • Lightweight and discreet.


Stephen’s Gelee Fish Front Riser

One size, black

If you care about your horse’s comfort when riding, choose Stephens –  the products can help combat saddle slipping, and offer shock absorption too.

Gel-Eze Pads are the original gel accessory product, and forms part of a wide range which includes products for horse riders such as saddle pads, non-slip pads, wither pads and under-bandages.

It offers the impact-absorption qualities of a liquid, in gel form.