Polypads soft travel boots


The soft and flexible cushioning material is unlike many travel boots on the market today which are very stiff and uncomfortable for the horse.

PolyPads travel boots offer great protection and free movement for the horse.

The front leg boots are fitted with the opening at the back of the leg, with the overall style designed to ensure a secure fit with comprehensive hock & knee coverage.

In stock in navy with black binding.


Polypads soft travel boots

In stock in navy with black binding

Available in 3 sizes:

Pony = Front boots: Length- 56cm. Width – 36.5. Hind boots: Length – 64cm. Width – 36.5cm.

Cob = Front boots: Length – 62cm. Width – 40.5cm. Hind boots: Length – 71cm. Width – 43.5cm.

Full = Front boots: Length – 67.5cm. Width – 45.5cm. Hind boots: Length – 78cm. Width – 54cm (Hock) 51cm (Middle section)

Poly Pads (UK) Ltd believe in providing quality products for horses, that help to keep them comfortable and protected.

PolyPads Soft Travel Boots are made to the highest standard, manufactured by their UK based team.

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Pony, Cob, Horse


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