N.E.W Freedom Stretch Turnout Socks


Great protective boots, helping to guard against mud fever and keep the legs clean and dry.

Provides protection from below the knee and hock to the hoof.

Supple, snug and secure-fitting, Freedom Turnout Socks will protect against the causes of skin irritations in the field. Easy to fit and keep clean, these boots are carefully shaped to the leg to avoid spinning or slipping. All seams are stitched with heavy duty rot-proof thread to ensure that they will withstand daily winter use.
Machine washable, smart and effective, these stretchy and flexible socks are practical, affordable and made in England from high quality materials.



N.E.W Freedom Stretch Turnout Socks

Colour : Black
The universal fitting means they can be used on either front or hind legs.

Technical Specifications

Size Front Hind No. of Straps
S L37.1cm W26cm N/A Universal 4
M L41cm W29cm N/A Universal 4
L L44cm W31cm N/A Universal 4
XL L48cm W34cm N/A Universal 4


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