HUSK La Irenita sport boots II Pure

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We love HUSK as they keep horses cool and comfy in all activities. These next generation products have been developed using past experience and the best materials to create a boot that protects your horse whilst giving freedom of movement- they will hardly know they are wearing them! HUSK boots are hand made to order in the UK, with materials all hand sourced in UK.  These British materials are military and NASA grade and the cottons and straps all hold statistics to demonstrate their quality. These boots are made with a combination of 3D impact dissipating material used in bullet proof vest and riding helmets.  The material is like a flexible honeycomb cage that partially compresses to take the brunt of the force at the site where it is applied rather than driving it away from the material as with solid materials

  • How do these boots keep legs cool?

Using 3D honeycomb like material, the hot air can not only pass away from the leg, but cool air can circulate within the boot to keep the atmospheric temperature down

  • Which disciplines are these boots suitable for?

The La Irenita boots are very versatile, suitable for polo, eventing to dressage, hacking, turnout, and even travel.  Imagined by the late international polo vet Dr Jorge MacDonough, designed and tested by HUSK alongside the MacDonough family over a number of years to create the ultimate 3D impact protection with full ventilation to minimise damage by over heating

  • Axe and knife tested to demonstrate successful impact protection
  • Water passes straight through
  • Hygienic – boots can be hosed or washed in a machine at 30 degrees
  • Quick dry – boots dry in up to 30min after total submergence in water
  • 120g a boot
  • Stylish – Boots are designed to fit contour of horses’ legs, cut away at front of fetlock to give freedom of movement

These boots match perfectly with HUSK Titan No Spin Over Reach boots


HUSK La Irenita sport boots II Pure

Sold as a Pair in Pure White La Irenita sports boots

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Temperature Control

All HUSK products are made with material that is more than a simple mesh, with no neoprene or perforated foams meaning it is PURELY BREATHABLE!

The outer layers have a holed texture, for the escape of excess hot air and sweat, and these layers are held in place by thousands of monofilament fibres creating a passage for airflow which enables thermoregulation. HUSK have carefully selected varying combinations of technical materials for these boots. The material has thermoregulation properties, texture and thickness to create the best effect for each individual product. The material comprises of two holed layers separated by thousands of monofilament fibres. The gap between the layers allows the air to flow freely and keep the temperature constantly cool, whilst the holed layers allow the heat and sweat to wick away from the skin out and away into the atmosphere! These innovative designs have PATENTS PENDING and REGISTERED DESIGNS

Impact Protection The monofilament fibres found in between the layers of material create a sponged effect and spreads the force from any impact applied to the body as opposed to a hard material that focuses the impact without absorption, often resulting in shattering, or concussion injuries. The HUSK material is also rip stop, providing that added protection and confidence.

Light weight The material is super light, these HUSK La Irenita sport boots II Pure are only 120g per boot! This adds no unnecessary weight to the horse, and particularly with the leg protection, helps to prevent injury and slipping without compromising performance.

Quick Wash/Dry All products are machine washable, and also scrub up pretty well with a pressure hose! They dry in up to 30min. No more hanging sweaty gear up for days on end to dry!

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    Excellent boots – Swift delivery and great service. Thank you.

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