Horsen around play ball


Ideal for bonding with the playful horse or to play with in the stable to relief stress and boredom



Resistant to biting

Does not require inflation

Can be hung in a stable 

Only available in purple


Horsen around play ball

Made by Elico, the Horsen around play ball is very durable.

Helps relieve stress and therefore boredom, in horses.
It is resistant to biting, does not require inflation, and can be hung in a stable or let your horse throw it around!

Colour: Purple

Elico is the brand name of Jenkinsons Equestrian, a family business who have been supplying equestrian goods to the trade since 1835, and where quality has always been of great importance,

To ensure this continues, we use trusted manufacturers who, in many cases have been supplying us for many years, and these products compliment our wide range of over 60 other brands which we supply to the equestrian trade.

Our Elico range has been put together with feedback from riders and retailers, as we always appreciate your comments in helping us to decide on additional products to be featured in our portfolio.


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