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Epiony Massage Mitt


The Massage Mitt is suitable for equines, felines, canines and humans alike! It relaxes tight and tense muscles, increases blood circulation and reduces stress. Easy to use and durably designed from a robust polymer and nine 360 degree rotating steel balls. This palm shaped mitt is exceptionally easy to use and will conform to the contours of the body, ensuring comfort and relief in both the masseur and the recipient.



One size.

Available in stock in blue, purple or pink

How To Clean Your Mitt 

1. Firstly find a small screwdriver that will fit between the little gaps in the cup that holds the ball.
2. Put the screwdriver into the gap and push down and then up, making the screwdriver act as a leaver, the ball should then pop out.
3. Wash the balls or wipe them over with a cloth to remove any grease or dirt, making sure the balls are fully dry before being put back into the mitt.
4. Using an old tooth brush, brush the inside of the cups until clean.
5. Then push each ball back into each of the cups.


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Blue, Purple, Pink


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