Epiony Massage Ball


Strengthen the bond with your horse by using the Epiony Massage Ball, a great addition to the Epiony feel good therapy collection.

Like all Epiony products, this can be used on people, horse, dogs and other pets!

This massage ball uses innovative cold gel technology within its 360-degree rotating stainless steel ball, to help reduce inflammation, soothe and relax tight muscles, reduce stress and alleviate pain.

The cold gel within the roller ball holds a temperature, hot or cold, for up to 40 minutes.

It has been designed to be easy and simple to use.

Made with a soft polymer handle and easy to clean stainless steel ball.



Epiony Massage Ball

FOR HEAT THERAPY-Immerse the stainless-steel roller ball into hot water (not boiling).

FOR COLD THERAPY-Place the whole unit into the freezer (features a non-freezing, alcohol-based gel)

Whole unit is 18.5cm in length, 6.5cm stainless steel ball, and weighs 210g

Additional information

Weight N/A
Handle Colour

Blue, Pink, Purple


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