Ecogold Performance Ear Bonnet


Dipped in Gold. With the Ecogold Performance Ear Bonnet, feel confident knowing that you and your horse are golden, today and every day.

The Ecogold Performance Bonnet will match perfectly with your Ecogold saddle pad for a polished, show-ready look. It comes in 10 colours, made from the same fabric as our iconic pads. The high-tech airflow fabric allows for ventilation and easy washing. Plus, the bonnet’s unique signature will have you seeing the word through gold-tipped ears.

Noise reducing – Designed to keep your horse focused during your ride, this ear bonnet is soft, smooth, and void of any pressure points. Say goodbye to spooking -the ear bonnet offers noise-reducing features in the ear panels, which are lined with stretchy lycra.

Perfect fit – The back of the bonnet is made to lie flat across the horse’s poll to reduce risk of bunching underneath the bridle, while still fitting securely to keep it in place. It’s the most comfortable ear bonnet your horse will ever wear.

Trusted by professionals, the Ecogold Performance Ear Bonnet will refine your ride and set you and your horse on track to a winning ride.


In stock in full, Black-Navy, please email us on if you would like to order an alternative colour combination, orders take around 2-3 weeks to manufacture and ship.



Ecogold Performance Ear Bonnet

Dipped in Gold. Match your saddle pad with the Ecogold Performance Ear Bonnet for a polished, show-ready look. It is made with high-tech airflow fabric for ventilation and noise-reducing ear panels. Feel confident knowing that you and your horse are golden, today and every day.

In stock in Black-Navy

Also available to order in the following colours;

Black-Red, Black-Royal Blue, Black-Pink, Black-Kelly Green, Black-Hunter Green, Black-Burgundy, Black-Orange, Black-Slate Blue, Black-Black

“It’s the best ear bonnet I’ve ever used.” – Olympic event rider Jessica Phoenix

Handcrafted in Canada.  Size: Full. The ears are 6.5 inches long and 3.5 inches wide at the widest point. 

We are very proud to be the exclusive UK stockist of Ecogold saddlepads. Ecogold pads are the best saddlepads on the market that allow close contact while providing comfort and protection to horses backs, perfect for all Comfy Horses!

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