Comfy Connections English Leather Baroque Style Cavesson

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The Comfy Connections range are made in the UK from finest english leather with quality fixings
This leather lunge cavesson  is based on the baroque style used by the old masters.
The noseband is a chain wrapped in soft leather and has three attachment rings, the middle for work with one rein and the outer for long reining and work with two reins. The throat lash is fixed and fits around the cheek to ensure the cavesson does not slip into the eyes.

The advantages of the cavesson at a glance!

  • This cavesson can be used for leading, classical schooling, long lining, straightness training and even riding.
  • During groundwork, the cues from the lead rope will be clearer.
  • Your horse will learn to take the correct position by placing the upper jaw inward which places the mandible outwards. It is therefore ideal to make the horse suppler and stronger.
  • You can work with long reins, or with in-hand reins.
  • You spare the horse’s sensitive mouth. The mouth is many times more sensitive to pressure than the nose.
  • The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems will not be confused. It is less stressful for the horse.
  • It is the ideal cavesson for everyone who chooses to train bitless.

How to put on a cavesson

Be careful that the nose band isn’t positioned on the soft part of the nose and the nostrils. Otherwise you obstruct the breathing. The nose band should be positioned just above the spot where the soft part starts. The nose band also shouldn’t sit against the cheekbone; that is too high.

The nose band should be secured in such way that the horse can move his mandible (otherwise the horse can’t take a proper lateral flexion and bending) and open his mouth. It shouldn’t be too loose so that the nose band moves too much over the nasal bone when asking flexion or bending.

The throatlash  is fastened around the jaw, loose enough so that you can put a finger in between but tight enough to prevent the cheeckpieces moving against the eyes.
Please allow 2-3 weeks to make and ship if you choose the made-to-measure option.

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Comfy Connections English Leather Baroque Style Cavesson

Colours: Black or Brown

Sizes: Cob, Full, XFull

Finest English Leather lunge cavesson  with stainless steel fixings.
You can also have this item made to measure;
Specify measurements for headpiece, noseband, throat lash and we will ensure there are the appropriate number of holes to allow bigger and smaller adjustments for use on other horses.


Our leather products are individually made and therefore the leather grain and texture may vary. We recommend cleaning with saddle soap and applying oil or leather balsam prior to first use, reapplying whenever necessary. If the products get wet, allow to dry naturally in a warm environment but away from direct heat.


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Black, Brown


Cob, Full, XFull, Made-to-measure

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  1. Sharon Stewart (verified owner)

    Lovely soft leather. Very well made. Horses are very happy being worked in it!

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