Cashel Boomers Bandages


We love these bandages as they are easy to apply and therefore reduce the risk of overtightening. They are ideal for horses who need to keep warm, such as older, arthritic horses. Always consult a vet if you have any medical concerns before using this product.

With its quilt and bandage combined in one neat, machine washable package, these versatile bandages are ideal for post workout, overnight, shipping, leg warmers, turnout and hot or cold-water applications.

They can also be used after eventing or competition, just simply apply a clay poultice, wrap the leg or hock with brown paper to keep clean, then place the Boomer Bandage around the leg.

This will be less restricting than an ordinary bandage.

Sold as a pair.



Cashel Boomers Bandages

Size: 12” ( Pony), 14” (Horse), 16” (Warmblood)

Colour: Navy

Sold in pairs

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Pony, Horse, Warmblood


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